Celebration of the Egyptian Rugby Federation to honor the national team

Dr. Ashraf Sobhy , Minister of Youth and Sports, witnessed the celebration of the Egyptian Rugby Federation, to honor the Egyptian men and women team for winning first place in the Arab Rugby Sevens Championship, which was held at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in Alexandria.

The ceremony was attended by the Emirati Qais Al Dhalei, President of the Arab and Asian Rugby Federations, Professor Hossam Sahib, President of the Egyptian Rugby Federation, Dr. Alaa Gabr, Vice President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, Engineer Sherif El-Erian , Secretary-General of the Committee, Dr. Muhammad Al-Kurdi, Assistant Minister for Sports of the Championship, Dr. Abdul Awal Muhammad, Deputy Minister For the sport of the championship, and FPV of the heads of the Egyptian federations and clubs, the leaders of the Olympic Committee, the Egyptian and Arab Rugby Federations, and Dr. Sobhi Hassanein, Vice President of the Egyptian Universities Sports Federation.
During the ceremony, a documentary film and a presentation on the history of rugby were shown, and the ceremony dealt with ways of spreading and developing rugby in Egypt, making Egypt a regional center in Africa for the game, in addition to Egypt's preparations to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games .

The Minister of Youth and Sports said: “We are all present in the sports system for the sake of the children of Egypt, hilarious and happy with the results of the Egyptian mission in the Mediterranean Games in Algeria. All thanks and appreciation to all sports federations and the Egyptian Olympic Committee. Al-Masry Rugby, headed by Hossam Sahib, Engineer Sherif El-Erian and Dr. Alaa Gabr, praise the efforts made.”
Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, explained that the ministry will work during the coming period to expand the practice base for rugby and increase the number of teams and practitioners of the game, stressing full support for the Egyptian Federation in the next stage.
Emirati Qais Al Dhalei, president of the Arab and Asian Rugby Federations, said: “I extend my thanks and appreciation to the Minister of Youth and Sports, the Egyptian Olympic Committee and the Egyptian Rugby Federation. in Beirut.”

For his part, Hossam Sahib, President of the Egyptian Rugby Federation, said that Egypt is on the right path to developing the game, as Egypt is a newcomer in this sport, whose federation was established several years ago, pointing to the support that the Egyptian Rugby Federation receives from the Ministry of Youth and Sports led by Dr. Ashraf Sobhi With the aim of spreading the game and reaching advanced positions in international tournaments.